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Our services increase productivity, improve and accelerate reimbursement, decrease your expenses, reduce claim processing time, and improves your patient experiences.











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A partnership with MMB will allow our team to serve as an extension of your practice , enabling your staff to focus on quality patient care and administrative duties. Because MMB understands that no two practices are alike, we provide customized billing solutions tailored to the specific needs of your practice. We bill all private, commercial, and government insurance payers nationwide. We offer electronic claims filing and electronic remittance of Medicare, private & HMO insurance payments. Our mastered approach achieves efficient reimbursement turnaround and higher claims acceptance. The result is a decrease in physician’s administrative expenses and increase in cash flow.

majestic medical billing

Why choose MMB? Check out the expenses associated with in-house billing staff.

  • Salaries

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Health Insurance

  • Benefits

  • Parking

  • Training

  • Sick Leave

  • Vacation 

  • Workers Comp Insurance

  • Software Expenses

MMB offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house employee or engaging with other medical and collections billing companies. Our fees are typically based on a percentage of the amount we collect on your behalf from insurance providers, and our medical billing service has no hidden fees. Despite the availability of our reliable and affordable service, some providers continue to endure subpar or downright terrible medical billing services due to their fear of switching. However, your practice's financial future is at risk, and we encourage you to contact us to learn how MMB can help your practice thrive.

Our medical billing solutions at MMB are designed to combat inefficient and unreliable medical billing services. We provide a simple onboarding process with affordable pricing. Short-term initial contracts available for peace of mind. Our promise is to provide solutions that ensure positive financial health and that your organization is profitable.

Our service-first approach means that we will provide excellent customer service to you, your team, patients, and insurance payers. Our experienced, certified medical billing & coding specialists manage the revenue cycle for the entire life of your insurance claims.  We promise to provide superb service and flexibility, passionately focused to serve you and your practice. Our services range from clearinghouse and electronic payment enrollment services, RCM, medical billing, and medical coding when requested. We also provide expert  medical office management solutions for efficiency like insurance verification and provider enrollment to streamline the performance of the medical practice.​

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INSURANCE VERIFICATION- Before the visit, we verify the patients insurance to ensure eligibility. This greatens the chance of reimbursement to the provider for service provided.

PAYMENT POSTING- To maintain balanced account records, we post payments received regularly. The posting allows the provider to get a clear picture of the practice's financial health, identify any issues, and be able to solve them timely.

MEDICAL BILLING- Within 48 hours of receiving the superbills or the claim reaches ready status, our team creates and submits healthcare claims to insurance payers with the purpose of obtaining timely reimbursement for the services rendered by the provider(s). 

MEDICAL CODINGWe offer coding services upon the request of the provider for an additional fee. Our coders can code for the provider or assist when the provider is unclear about coding procedures for a particular service or specialty. We also offer coding and billing for the Merit-Based Incentive Payments System Program (MIPS) for Medicare. Contact us to learn more.

DENIAL MANAGEMENT- The MMB team uses a strategic approach to analyze, correct and prevent claim denials. Even when a claim is erroneously denied by the insurance payer, we contact the payer and challenge the decision by providing evidence that the claims was submitted correctly and resubmit for reimbursement.


Medical Billing guidelines vary based on specialty. That is why our Medical Billing Specialists are assigned to account based on your practice's specialty. Even small oversights, coding errors, and failure to obtain authorization can cause unwanted and unnecessary denials. In addition, any errors or oversights in the credentialing process can impact the provider's ability to be reimbursed for services provided.

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APPEALS- It's common for insurance payers to deny medical claims for reasons to include but not limited to; not medically necessary, out of network, untimely filing, and even the location where the care was provided. If our experienced billers have medical documentation or other evidence that the services were justified or the claims were filed timely, we will appeal the decision and seek reimbursement.

A/R MANAGEMENT- We manage outstanding A/R in an additional effort to increase the practice's revenue and maintain a balanced account. Our medical billing specialists follow-up with patient's and insurance companies as an attempt to collect as much outstanding revenue as possible on behalf of our clients.

REPORTING- Communication is the key to any productive business relationship. That is why we communicate our methods and medical billing process by establishing a open line of communication, regular meetings, and on demand financial reports. 

LIGHT COLLECTION- No MMB is not a medical collection agency. But we will make a reasonable attempt over the course of 90 days to try and collect patient outstanding patient balances. We send out statements and follow-up via phone and/or email. If we fail to collect after the 90 days, we consult with our client to find out what the next course of action will be.

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